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FSP Board of Directors

  • Josine Peters
  • Gar Hargens
  • Dorothy Goldie
  • Erik Janssen
  • Amy McKinney
  • John Joachim
  • Davis Klaila
  • Ronald Kopeska
  • John Kremer
  • Amy Schwartz Moore
  • Diane Mullin
  • John Reinan
  • Tamsie Ringler

FSP Advisory Board

  • Michel Bergeron
  • Tom Borrup
  • C. Fuller Cowles
  • Rico Gatson
  • Libby Hlavka
  • Tasha Hock
  • Su-Chen Hung
  • Jon Isherwood
  • Chris Larson
  • Herman J. Milligan Jr
  • Douglas Padilla
  • William Ransom
  • Nicholas P. Slade

Kids Make Sculpture


Franconia Sculpture Park is supported in kind generously with materials and services by the following Corporations, and Businesses:

Alphagraphics, MN
American Turbine, Inc., MN
ATI Black Diamond, MN
Banner Creations, MN
Brock White Company, MN
Cemstone Concrete Solutions, WI
Coffee Gallery, MN
Donovan Design, MN
Dresser Trap Rock, WI
Eichtens Specialty Shop, MN
Federal Surplus Program, National
Interstate Chemical Company/United Erie, PA
Lamperts Lumber of St. Croix Falls, WI
Lawrence Creek Landscaping, MN
Linder's Garden Center


Nung-Hsin "Veal" Hu

Kids Make Sculpture


M.R. Danielson Advertising,MN
McKinsey & Company
Meehan Brothers
Metro Welding Supply, MN
Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Co., MN
Plunketts Pest Control
River Run Coop, MN
Slumberland Furniture, MN
Smithe-Sharp Corporation, MN
Sterling Supply Inc, MN
The Toro Foundation, MN
Unimin Corporation
Wisconsin Structural Steel, WI
Woodlund Homes, MN
Wyoming Mills, MN
  inkind sponsors

29836 St. Croix Trail - Franconia, MN 55074 - 651.257.6668