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Saturday August 2, 10am – 8pm, FREE
Savage Aural Hotbed will perform and take Behind The Scene Tours of
the foundry at approximately 12, 2 and 4pm.

Artists from around the world converge at Franconia to create cast metal sculpture and we invite the public to participate in the unique art-making process! Witness artists working a furnace that heats up to 2700 degrees F, as they pour 8,000 lbs. of red-hot molten iron throughout the day. Savage Aural Hotbed, Minneapolis’s found-object percussion band, performs three pulsating sets throughout the day.
Bring the family and make a day of it!

What Happens at an Iron Pour?

hot metal pour hot metal pour  

The iron artists at Franconia
create a three-dimensional
(positive) sculpture form. This
sculpture can be made from
disposable and varied materials
because it is not permanent. It is
used primarily as a form to create
negative space in a sand mold.


Sand is built up around the
temporary sculpture with the
aid of wood or other types of
supports to create one mold, or many
sections of one mold. Often times these
molds have as many as twenty parts, and
can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. When the
sand mold is complete, the temporary
sculpture is removed from the mold, the
sand pieces are reassemble, thus making
the space (void) for the hot iron.

hot metal pour  

The iron cupola (furnace) is then fired up to
2,700° F using coke, a derivative of coal,
to fuel the furnace. Iron is then slowly
loaded into the top of the cupola to create
a reservoir of molten iron that is ready to
pour. Up to 8,000 pounds of red-hot molten iron will be poured throughout the day.

metal pour  

Each mold is carefully filled by the pour team from a preheated ladle. The team also pours liquid iron into all of the sculpture molds made by community members. It is an exciting and hot event!

If you would like to create a Scratch Block Sand Mold that will be cast on August 2nd, please visit our Mold Making Page to learn more and then contact Franconia to reserve your spot.

Stop by the Park anytime during the last week of July through the first week of August to visit with the artists involved in this exciting event and learn more about their work.

2014 Hot Metal Artists 2014 Hot Metal Interns
Allison BakerRI Sarah Dorau IL
Scott Berels MI Holly Kelly MA
Jason Brown TN Woody Stauffer MN
Meagan Daus MN    
Yousif Del Valle MN
Andrew Fernandez MN
William Fillmore CA
Leekyung Kang S. Korea
Rian Kerrane CO
Tamsie Ringler MN
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