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Hot Metal Artist and Hot Metal Intern Artist Residency

Deadline: March 10, 2018 via email by MIDNIGHT CST
Send application materials to

The Hot Metal Residency Program offers artists and interns the opportunity to experiment with pattern-making and mold-making, exchange ideas and techniques, and exhibit finished work in a highly visible public park. Franconia transforms the outdoor studio into a temporary foundry for four weeks during the summer and through a collaborative effort, the Hot Metal Residency culminates in two pours with furnaces melting approximately 8,000lbs of iron. The first pour helps the pour crew become a cohesive team and produces the iron tile sculptures the public creates during mold-making workshops. The second pour is held a week later and is the time artists pour the molds created while in residence.

Franconia has hosted an annual iron pour since 1996 and the event has grown to become a major public program at the park. The public is invited to participate in relief sculpture workshops to make their own open face sand molds. Participating artists and interns help in pouring over 200 community made open face molds.

Hot Metal Residency Timeline
July 20: Hot Metal Intern Artist Residency begins
July 27: Hot Metal Artist Residency begins
August 5: Community Iron Pour
August 12: Hot Metal Artists Pour
August 13-15: Finish and install work + cleanup outdoor studio
August 16: Residency ends

Benefits   +
• Work in a supportive environment where all artists are stimulated, challenged, and rewarded by the process of   creating large-scale sculpture and/or installation.
• Opportunities to experiment with pattern and mold making.
• Space and time to exchange ideas and techniques with other artists.
• The opportunity to exhibit finished work in a highly visible public sculpture park.
• Build lifelong friendships and important professional networks.

Hot Metal Residents Can Expect   +
• Hot Metal Artists camp onsite during the residency. Artists are expected to bring tents and bedding.
   ◦ Bathing and cooking facilities are accessible in the main house.
   ◦ Cooking and cleaning is based on a rotating schedule that includes all artists-in-residence.
   ◦ To read more about Franconia’s facilities, equipment, and working/living environment, please watch the       Resident Life video or read the Residency Overview.
• Studio space in the 7,000 square foot outdoor studio is shared by other artists and Franconia education      programs
   ◦ Heavy equipment needed to produce large-scale artwork is near by.
   ◦ Artists should plan to supply hand tools, small power tools, and safety equipment.
     This includes safety equipment for pour related activities.
• Artists fund their own travel to and from Franconia.
• Artists are responsible for purchasing and obtaining their own pattern materials.
• Artists are invited to include finished artwork in Franconia’s cast metal exhibition.

Iron Intern Residency Details   +
• The residency for Hot Metal Interns begins on July 20
• In exchange for room, board, and studio space, Intern Artists work for Franconia at least 5 hours every day. The   type of work you can expect during this time:
   ◦ Prepare scratch molds for public workshops
   ◦ Set-up and organize the studio
   ◦ Prepare the furnace and break iron
   ◦ Assist with public scratch block workshop
• Meals are provided for Hot Metal Interns
   ◦ Cooking and cleaning duties are shared by all residents and are assigned on a rotating schedule
• Hot Metal Interns must fund their own travel to/from Franconia.
• Hot Metal Interns are invited to include finished artwork in Franconia’s cast metal exhibition.

Iron Artist Residency Details   +
• Hot Metal Artists Arrive July 27
• Hot Metal Residency fee is $430.
• Fee includes up to 2,000lbs of sand, 300lbs of iron, and pour day meals.
• Artists are responsible for purchasing groceries for one dinner during the residency. This expense typically amounts to $150. All other meals are provided for Hot Metal Artists as part of the residency fee.

Eligibility Requirements   +
Hot Metal Artists
• Hot Metal residencies are for the creation of new work only.
• Required to have experience working in cast iron.
• Should be able to demonstrate experience in mold and pattern making.
• Applicants must be active and practicing artists, evident in resume or CV.
• International applicants are welcome to apply.

Hot Metal Interns
• Intern artists should be career bound or pre-professional artists who are in the final stages of their undergraduate   coursework. Individuals in a graduate program or those that consider themselves merging artists should apply.
• Cast iron experience is not required, but your application should reflect a significant interest iron casting.
• Hot Metal Interns commit to working for the park for at least 5 hours each day
• International applicants are welcome to apply.

Application Process    +
To apply for Franconia’s 2018 Hot Metal Residency, please complete & submit Items 1-4
• Submit completed proposal materials to
• Deadline for all materials: Midnight CST on March 10, 2018
• Incomplete applications will not be considered
• Please submit all text documents as PDFs and images as JPEGs

1. Application Cover Sheet
Save as a PDF labeled with applicant’s last name example. Lastname_Cover.pdf


2. Six Work Samples
A selection of images or video of recent work demonstrating mold-making, pattern-making, and/or iron casting ability. All JPG files should be under 1 MB each and video files should be no longer than 1 minute. Label proposal files with the applicant’s last name followed by an underscore and number ex. LastName_1.jpg

3.Image Script
A numbered list that corresponds to each of the 6 portfolio images. For each image, include the title, date, materials, dimensions, and if necessary a two sentence description of the work.
Submit as a PDF labeled with applicant’s last name.

4. Current CV
Submit as a PDF labeled with applicant’s last name.

Application materials must be received by MIDNIGHT CST on March 10, 2018.
You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of application materials. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application materials were not received correctly. Applicants will be notified in April on the status of their application.

Contact Franconia with questions via email or call (651) 257-6668.