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Franconia in the City @ Casket

In 2011, Franconia Sculpture Park established an urban home at the Casket Arts Community Complex in Northeast Minneapolis, MN at 1781 Jefferson St. NE. Franconia in the City @ Casket offers an outdoor sculpture exhibition and an indoor gallery space for exhibitions of two- and three-dimensional art. To
submit an exhibition proposal for this gallery space please see further details and guidelines below.

About Franconia in the City @ Casket    +
Franconia’s gallery located in the Casket Arts Community Complex is a 1,700 (38’ x 46’) square foot finished exhibition space with concrete floors. Most walls have plywood covered with sheet rock. The Casket Arts Community Complex houses three restored factory buildings and the Franconia in the City @ Casket Sculpture Park in Northeast Minneapolis. The three historic structures – the Casket Arts Building, the Carriage House, and the Factory were converted to artist studios in 2006. The structures are aged brick, century old wood floors, cast concrete, ancient iron and steel. All the buildings have been restored to maintain their historic character.

Over 140 artists and art-based businesses inhabit the Casket Arts Community Complex. Most of its tenants run full-time working studios, but open their workspaces to the public for First Thursdays every month as well as for Art-a-Whirl, Open Casket, and many other events throughout the year. The Casket Factory building is an eclectic two-story arts building that includes private artist studios on the second floor and Franconia’s indoor gallery space – Franconia in the City @ Casket on the first floor.

Guidelines and Artist Responsibilities   +
  • Individual artists, artist teams, or a group of artists may submit an exhibition proposal.
  • Artist/s are responsible for installation and de-installation of exhibitions. Franconia staff will work with artist/s to provide assistance as needed.
  • Artist/s are responsible for staffing minimal gallery hours for the duration of the exhibition.
  • Franconia will provide publicity and promotion, exhibition invitations, staff assistance during installation, and an opening reception for selected exhibitions.
  • All artwork remains property of the artist and sale price is determined by the artist. In the event of a
    sale of artwork, Franconia will receive a 30% commission.

Application Process    +

  • The application deadline for the 2018 Casket Artist Application is July 15.
  • Materials must be received via email by MIDNIGHT CST.
  • Email complete application materials to
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • NOTE: Please submit all text documents as PDFs and images as JPEGs.
1. Application Cover Sheet
    • Save as a PDF labeled with applicant’s last name ex. LastName_CoverSheet.pdf


2. 10-12 Work Samples
Images or video of work that exemplify the applicant’s artistic quality
    • 1MB maximum for each JPEG. 1 minute maximum for each video. Label proposal images with       Lastname_1.jpg, Lastname_2.jpg, and so on.

3. Image Script
A numbered list that corresponds to each of the 10-12 portfolio images. For each image, include the title, date, materials, dimensions, and if necessary a two sentence description of the work.
    • Submit as a PDF labeled Lastname_Script.pdf

4. Current Resume or CV
    • Submit as a PDF labeled: Lastname_Resume.pdf

Submitting as an Artist Team

If you are proposing a collaboration between two or more artists, all involved individuals must be active and practicing artists. Please include separate cover pages and resumes/CVs for each artist.

Application materials must be received by MIDNIGHT CST on July 15.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of application materials. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application materials were not received correctly. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Franconia Staff if you do not receive a confirmation email to ensure your materials were received.

With questions mail or call (651) 257-6668.

Review Process    +
If chosen, John Hock, Artistic Director/CEO will work individually with each artist to develop an exhibition.