You Haven’t Heard From Us, But it Doesn’t Mean We Haven’t Been Doing Anything

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We didn’t update our blog last week. Perhaps we were too busy having fun…?















Dancers dance to Viviana Pintado at the World Music Festival 8/17/13.

Here are some other highlights of the show:















L’Assassins came back to play after getting rained out at the Women in Indie Music Festival.














Xibaba brightened up the day with a little Brazilian fusion.














We also had Minneapolis drumming group Mu Daiko perform traditional Japanese daiko music.

After all the Waffles and hot dogs were cleared from the park, we cleared a path for the next Kids Make Sculpture Workshop.














Great bandanas think alike!

Workweek: A whirlwind and life-long friendships and a dance party.

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It was a total whirlwind of a week but WE DID IT!

Workweek: A Success in the City!

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Last night we packed up our pieces and headed to Minneapolis for our show Workweek {A Pop Up Exhibition)-Franconia in the City @ Casket Arts Building for a change of scenery. We may have moved our art from the field to the frenzy of the city, but we’re still Franconia at heart! Check out some pics of the event and the work. A special thank you to everyone who came out and supported us!

After a quick sweep and a quick sweat, we finally got the space set up.














Anders gave us a fence…and a jawbreaker!














Claire stuck to her minimalist aesthetic, proving that smaller sculpture can still have BIG personality!














Freya fooled us again with Fool’s Gold rocks and other slightly-altered found objects.














Are these vazes or vases? Maybe we’ll never know.














Hilary turned the place into a zoo with her quirky animals.














Adam’s piece was his first time physically adding color to a material or object!














Robin couldn’t decide whether to look at or ride her sculpture!














Carissa’s forced us to become better friends!













Julie couldn’t make it to the show, but left us with some sculptures anyways.






























Jason showed a variety of charming tool-creatures.






























And Julia provided us with an awesome DJ set for the night!














Clearly, we had a lot of fun.














We hope to see you there next time!

Exhibition Opening: Franconia in the City @ Casket Factory Building: WORKWEEK

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Ten artists who have spent the summer with each other working and making at Franconia Sculpture Park are putting together a pop up exhibition at Franconia’s Minneapolis gallery at the Casket Arts Complex. You’re invited to see the work, on exhibit for only 1 day, THIS Saturday, August 10th at Franconia in the City @ Casket Arts, 681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, 7pm-10pm.

The show titled “Workweek” involves artists that are emerging and in-transition. “Workweek” is not cumulative, but rather a snapsh…ot of our processes, an insight into our most frustrating and most generative moments. It is a way to practice making art without overanalyzing the process or the results. We gave ourselves a working week to pull this show together, an exercise in fast-paced organization that mirrors the non-analytical character of the work that will be shown.

Participating Artists:
Claire Barber, VT
Jason Bord, IN
Freya Gabie, UK
Rachele Krivichi, WI
Adam McGee-Abe, UK
Hilary Mussell, CAN
Julie Ann Nagle, NYC
Anders Nienstaedt, MI
Carissa Samaniego, MN
Julia Sisson, NE

Franconia in the City @ Casket Arts Building
681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Event organized collaboratively. For questions or more information contact us via email at or by phone at 651-257-6668.



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After two weeks of community workshops and intense art-making by our Hot Metal Interns and Hot Metal Artists, the 17th Annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour finally happened, and it was a huge success. We finished casting the scratch molds at around 1 in the morning, so if you didn’t get to see yours, stop by today and claim it! If you missed the event entirely, here’s some photos that show its pure awesomeness.














The last scratch mold workshop took place on the day of the pour.














Some serious pouring started around noon.














Coolin’ down.














A behind the scenes team of volunteers made a delicious lunch.














And then we started up again.























































The day was accompanied by music from Savage Aural Hot Bed.














And the finished pieces were laid out on the table in a steady flow.






























Overall, an awesome, HOT. METAL. day.


Lo(Fe) is in the Air

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What do iron+tents+a maquette all have in common?








































They are all signs that the 17th Annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour is on its way!

This is what some of the artists are doing in preparation for the big pour on August 3rd. I bet you can’t  imagine how these mysterious objects are ever going to turn into iron.
























































Kids Make Sculpture, and So Do We

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Sorry about the delay in posting. The week was hot, but we played it cool. This past week we have been building up to our next huge event, the Annual Hot Metal Pour. But before we could get busy making scratch molds and breaking iron, we took a little break to have an awesome Kids Make Sculpture workshop.

Meet the Future Sculptors of America!













































































After the dust from KMS cleared, the interns got to work on making scratch molds for the Iron Pour. Small, medium, or large, these molds will be scratched with big ideas in the Hot Metal Pour on August 3rd.

































Anders is showing that Minnesota pride! Stick around for more updates on our new iron intern artists.

Gettin’ Down at the Bluegrass, Country, and Folk Festival 7/13

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This weekend was a ton of fun in the sun, dancing to bluegrass, eating waffles and hot dogs, and just plain relaxing at our Bluegrass, Country, and Folk Festival.

The headliners were the Roe Family Singers.














Kids were inspired to climb.














…..while their parents lounged.














And others danced!














The Cactus Blossoms were also a huge hit. Check out these heartbreakers singin’ in front of the waffle van!














Thea Ennen set a different mood earlier in the day with her sultry set.














While earlier in the day moods were flyin’ high for the energetic High 48s.














Needless to say, an awesome day!

What Is UP With That Back Corner?!

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Our mysterious work pad is ablaze with activity.  With five fellowship artists and four intern artists our 7,000 sq. foot outdoor studio is buzzing with high summer manic energy.  Work hard and play hard, that’s our motto.

Mike Rathbun, OR continues to reinforce and improve his graceful yet overwhelming ring.







With a sound structure, we are just waiting for a crane.  We will miss his Zen presence when he leaves this week.

Peter Morales, MN is building a steel boat.  Peter has been here several times and for those of you who know him wont be surprised to hear his idea has changed several times.

Right now the keel of the boat has been set and he is working on templates for the sides.  Simultaneously he is carving another character in stone that will be riding atop this steel Viking boat.


Julie Ann Nagle, NY stays out of the sun in our market place carving foam into trees and beautiful women.  Her very realistic figures grow out of these stumps naturally setting a very surrealistic scene.

Sanford Mirling, VT started building his bowl.  The skate park that you can’t skate in and the swimming pool you can’t swim creates instantaneous frustration and tension.

It’s amazing how such a simple form can be so complex to build and this is definitely a prime example of that.  Sanford is a crafty dude and I know that he can pull off this undertaking.

Hong-An Truong, NY after waiting patiently for materials to arrive began building the stage for her sound installation this week.


Her work will be more sensory then object oriented, however she is building a stage so when she gets done, it will need performers!

We know our work pad, is slightly intimidating and very mysterious but it is where all the sculptures come from so really it’s the creative brain laid out in 7,000 square feet, of gravel, machinery, metal, wood, concrete and ideas.

So Much To Do, Solstice Little Time

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The days are getting shorter, but here at Franconia we are not getting any less work done or having any less fun. In fact, this week we even celebrated the Summer Solstice with a few S’mores.

We also spent quite a bit of time at the library the past week. FSP/Jerome Fellowship Artist Peter Morales installed his piece, ‘Amble’ at the St. Croix Falls Public Library. If you happen to be walking down the main drag in St. Croix and need a break, this would be a great spot to sit!

The other exciting thing we did at the library was a book workshop. Check out these book monsters!

Last but certainly not least we had a Kids Make Sculpture Workshop. Kids from 4-18 came to test their imagination on our interns, staff, and Fellowship artists alike. Here’s what their creative brains came up with.

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