Concrete Skinscape

7’5” x 45’ x 45’

Earth and pigmented concrete

Created in 2007.


Trever Nicholas     


1978, Ishpeming, MI  

Currently resides : Memphis, TN

Undergraduate School/year/degree:

University of MN, Minneapolis- 2001- BA Art

Graduate School/year/degree:

University of MN, Minneapolis- 2004- MFA Art


Selected Awards:

2007 FSP/Jerome Fellowship, Franconia Sculpture Park

The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation International Travel Grant for Creative Research, 2007

The Jerome Foundation Artist Fellowship, Anderson Center Artist in Residence





Artist Statement:

I am a cross disciplinary visual artist who is interested in perceived experience as interpreted through our senses. I create objects of wonder by accentuating commonplace objects, memories, and situations. I am interested in elements of science, aspects of desire, and our body’s physical relationship to objects, architecture, and the surrounding environment.

Concrete Skinscape plays with the scale of our own body in relation to the surface of my own skin. As you walk on the artwork you are actually walking on a sculpted macroscopic version of skin selected from the back of my hand. Just as Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels had the little people of Lilliput walk on his body as they tied him down, I imagine the sensation of the little feet walking on my own body when people walk on Concrete Skinscape.