The Wave Maze

Dimension variable.

Recycled wooden poles, plastic stretch wrap



Lishan Chang


1970, Changhua, Taiwan

Currently resides :New York City

Undergraduate School/year/degree:

Taipei National University for the Arts


Selected Exhibitions:

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Performances
2008 XYZ, The Earlville Opera House: A Multi Arts Center, Earlville, NY
2008 LC Bakery Washington Pavilion, Washington Pavilion of Arts & Science, Sioux Falls, SD
2008 The Folding Library, Brooklyn Public Library Lobby Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2007 One → ∞ - Art Center of William Patterson University, NJ
2007 New Land, Gallery Korea, NY
2001-2005 Stop Transition - in Warehouse , The World
2005 Frame To the Other End, Crystal Art Gallery, Flushing, NY
2005 Interlunar Interlude, Amerasia Gallery, Flushing, NY
2004 Storage Memory of New York, Amerasia Gallery, Flushing, NY
2003 @ Stacy’s Yard, Oakland, NJ
1999-2001 The Bridge – by Truck, among NYC
1997-1999 Id – by Van, among NYC
1997 Metamorphosis on Earth, Teh-Ching Hsieh’s Earth, Brooklyn, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2007 Line (Drawing), Queens Library Gallery, Queens, NY
2007 Jamaica Flux, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, NY
2007 Dare to Art, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 Float 2007, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY
2007-2008 Taiwan: From within the Mist / tour exhibition in The US, Canada, Taiwan
2007 Diverse Version, Walsh Library Gallery, NJ





Artist Statement:

For the artists, the moment they try to explain their works, their works cease to be genuine works of art, but are turned into something else entirely. Something that seek to convey their meanings via language and language alone.
Of course I am aware that, by invoking Laozi, I may very well be falling into the same trap myself. Yet it is a risk I willingly undertake. For, steeped in the Daoist tradition, I tend to view each one of my projects as a Zen Buddhist "koan." Each entails its own set of questions that I, as its creator, had to ask, and each generates its own unique, and very often paradoxical, answers that may surprise its viewers as much as myself.

The important thing, though, is that you'll have actually engaged your intellect with a work of art. And that alone, to me, is worth far more than any number of fine-sounding words I can easily put at your disposal, and which you can just as easily return to me: unopened like a piece of mail, and none the wiser of its content.