2009 Cast Metal Artists

Miles BrownVeronica Glidden Alexa HorochowskiJeffery Kalstrom Suzanne Mahoney Arden Miller Joseph Montroy Stephen D. Morse

Matthew C. ReileySuzi Rhae Ross Tamsie Ringler Araan SchmidtScot Thompson Renee Prisble Una Toma Villau



Miles Brown    

Currently Resides in Portland OR

Veronica Glidden    

Born: 1964, Minneapolis MN
Currently Resides in St Paul MN



Alexa Horochowski    

Duchamp's Girls


Born: Columbia MO
Currently Resides in Minneapolis MN

1988 University of Missouri, BA
1996 University of Michigan, MFA

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Unnatural Horizons, Praxis International Art, NYC

Who’s to say how it all ends, Praxis International Art, Miami, FL

La Sonámbula, Braga Menendez Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Unicorn in Captivity, Navta Schulz & Monique Meloche Galleries, Chicago, IL

The Unicorn In Captivity, MAEP, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN

Braga Menendez Arte Contemporaneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Braga Menendez Arte Contemporaneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Winter Wonderland, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago, IL

Vaqueras, Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis, MN


Artist Statement:
Existing as comfortably on the street as in the institutional white box, my work is multilingual and hybrid, a direct result of a cultural cannibalism that repeatedly crosses borders between high and low art. Found objects coexist with more traditional materials to produce psychological environments where the sublime and everyday vie for center stage.

Utilizing the artificial horizon of the exhibition space where wall meets floor, I reconstruct site-specific landscapes made up of figurative sculpture, video projections, sound, fluorescent lights, carpeting, and other synthetic materials. Sculptural objects function as props that can be continually rearranged to suggest multiple narratives and distinct installations.

Resembling cinema, the work has no verifiable formal movement, but a fantastical temporality that relates to what is happening in each installation. There is tension between the implied impermanence and profound stillness of each work. Even the moving image in the video is caught in a protracted, psychological eddy meant to loop indefinitely.

Enamels such as powder coats, chrome and auto paint mask traditional materials such as steel and bronze to create works that confound a simple understanding of materials. A bronze figure looks crafted out of porcelain or a branch may appear to be the original, contradicting expectations of mass and volume.

  Iron Deer


Jeffery Kalstrom    

Born: 1955, Sleepy Eye MN
Currently Resides in Duluth MN



Suzanne Mahoney    

Born: 1984, Bennington VT
Currently Resides in Portland ME

Artist Statement
Language functions to communicate meaning and meaning is dependent upon context; my work explores this idea. I am questioning where and how meaning is made, probing the problems of language and translating them into a visual and tactile experience for the viewer. I utilize phrases from fairy tales, a genre that originated as an oral tradition and is now pervasive throghout fixed media such as literature and film. My work explores the context-dependent nature of meaning through the use of these familiar and iconic bits of language. Emphasizing the link between language and the body, I take casts of my mouth in an attempt to freeze the physicality of speech.





Arden Miller    

Born: 1958, Amery WI
Currently Resides in Minneapolis MN

Joseph Montroy    

Born: Utica NY,
Currently Resides in Portsmouth, NH




Artist Statement
The intent of my work is to promote questions, encourage speculation and ultimately allow the subconscious, of the viewer, to make connections incorporating conscious knowledge, experiences, new forms and stories.
My work is an exploration of the connections humans have with certain objects and stories. I am attempting to both respond to and perpetuate this exchange.



Stephen D. Morse    

Born: 1949, Northfield MN
Currently Resides in Duluth, MN


1971 St. Olaf
1979 University of Minnesota

Artist Statement
My intent at Franconia was to create an implied mama bear - a giant short-faced bear, the largest ever bear - by making its footprints and its cub. While I seldom use strictly naturalistic representation, the rules that govern the forms of living things are a point of departure for my forms. I think of most of them as creatures although they may not be readily recognizable as such. Some exist, some existed, and many never existed. The mama bear you don’t see here lived in North America from 800,000 to 12,500 years ago. If you step in her track she may exist in your imagination.

Giant Short-Faced Bear   Giant Short-Faced Bear




Matthew C. Reiley    

Born: 1967, Manchester CT
Currently Resides in New York NY


Artist Statement

Iron has an affinity for me. I am building a giant furnace for casting sculpture on a scale usually reserved for commercial foundries. My quest for hard-earned autonomy in the production phase of the creative process is a reaction to the U.S.A.’s progressive disconnection to the act of making and our society’s increasingly soft, service-based economy. In the late 90’s, I was powerfully taken with the physicality of the foundry process and cast metals’ transformative phases. They allude to altered states of thought and being like eddies of potential, cycling from transient fluidity into ineffable solid- diffusion, dispersal and coalescence.

Adaptive reuse of waste materials heavily factors into my artistic philosophy and practice. I engage in an intense tinkering with both incidentally encountered and specifically crafted objects: symbols, models, utilities and machinery, ephemera, and junk. In effect, I cobble together a meatball of “stimuli” as sculptural assemblage, which is then rendered into a singular state by the casting and fabrication processes. The resulting sculpture yields a personalized species of visual language that I call EcoSmut. The name refers to man’s accessorial role in Earth’s dysfunctional and denatured ecology. My designs are underpinned by themes in Ancient art and explore topical, portentous subject matter with a psychoactive twist. The works embody a gallows humor, jumbling the line between vulgarity and the sublime. Part harbinger, part practical joke, these sterility symbols quizzically address the viewer, saying: What Will You Have Wrought?


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Tamsie Ringler    

Born: 1963, St Paul MN
Currently Resides in St Paul MN

1991 MFA University of Texas at Austin
1986 BS Art University of Wisconsin- Madison

Selected Exhibitions
Car Puddle, Jerome Fellowship Artist, Franconia Sculpture Park, MN
Iron Maidens, LLantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Wales, UK
North of the 45 th Parallel, Devos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
Iron Pour Blood, Quarter Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
40 th Annual Minnesota Iron Pour, Guest artist, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Iron Tribe , New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

Selected Collections:
Hill Chair, Monarch Sculpture Park, Seattle , WA 2008
Receptor, Oak Park Public Art Program , Oak Park, IL 2006
Living Room, Gresham Central Transit Center, Tri-Met Public Art Program, Gresham, OR, 2001

Artist Statement

Iron is essential to life.

18" x 18" x 11"
Cast Iron
Suzi Rhae Ross    

Born: 1967, Nebraska
Currently Resides in Cass Lake, MN

Selected Exhibitions
Clandon/Belleveau/Ross MacRostie Art Center January 2007
"Rust Never Sleeps", Solo Exhibit of Sculptures in Gallery X2, Bemidji Community Arts Council, June 2006
Lingen/Ross Exhibition, North Country Museum of Park Rapids, September 2005
Bemidji Sculpture Walk participant 2001-2006
Hard N' Heavy Iron and Steel exhibition, Bemidji Community Arts Council, 2005

Selected Collections
Doctors Natalie Roholt and Patric Riley, “Going In Circles Bench” Mesa State College, Arts and Humanities Dept.
“As Above, So Below” 10/99Mr. Philip Roskowski, owner of SSD Inc.
“When Piet Met Plexi” 8/99Mr. Philip Roskowski, owner of SSD Inc.
“Extended Random Thought” 5/99Dr. & Mrs. Leendertse, of Mesa CO, “Random Thought Series Tile #1” 7/9



Araan Schmidt    

Born: 1982, Iowa City IA
Currently Resides in Bowling Green OH

Scot Thompson    

Currently Resides in NYC

Renee Prisble Una    
8" x 12"
cast iron



Born: 1976, Chicago IL
Currently Resides in Chicago IL

1998 SAIC
2002 Alfred University

Selected Exhibitions:

Crown Center Gallery
Loyola University Chicago
Ralph Arnold Annex Gallery
Loyola University
Noyes Cultural Center, Evanston, IL
Franconia Sculpture Park
Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL

Mnidutch gallery, Chicago, IL
Northeastern Illinois University Art Gallery, Chicago, IL,  


12" x 14"
cast iron

Artist Statement:

Art is momentary, like a breath.

I create work that explores impermanence and fluctuating connections from the viral to the social. I use my work to explore liminal states. My installation work explores each space specifically, using a minimal touch and concepts of community, connectivity, and meditative space. Installations are made of the same materials as the surroundings and of chosen materials used to transform the space. Sculptural objects and video intermingle with installations, supporting the concepts while standing on their own. Objects provide materials exploration and studio processes. My making process is a process of research and playful discovery.

My work is not about creating; but about noticing, focusing and distilling.




Toma Villa    

Born: 1978, Tahlequak OK
Currently Resides in Portland OR


No See Em's
3'1" x 10" x 10"
Cast Iron