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Franconia Sculpture Park Intern Artist Abstract

Franconia Sculpture Park (FSP) is a 20-acre site located between the towns of Shafer and Taylors Falls on Highway 8, in the township of Franconia, Chisago County, Minnesota, USA, a 45-minute drive north from downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul.

Franconia Sculpture Park’s mission as a world class sculpture park is to support intern, emerging, and mature artists and their careers by offering residency programs, workshops, and exhibition space, as well as opportunities for connection with the public and the larger arts community. As part of our dedication to building expertise and experience in student, graduate & post-grad artists, FSP actively recruits student and emerging artists to participate in its intern/mentor program. Recent grads and students of museum studies and/or arts administration are also encouraged to apply. The intern artist program is the brainchild of John Hock, the founding director of FSP, and is based on experiences he had as a young artist. The program has been in existence since the first year of the park’s exhibitions in 1996.

The Franconia Sculpture Park Intern Artist program provides the opportunity for career-bound sculptors to experience first hand the working life of a career artist. Interns are provided room and board by Franconia, and space is limited to six interns at any one time. Internships are a minimum of eight weeks and may last up to six months. Intern artists assist resident fellowship artists and work daily on park operations. When not learning from intern responsibilities such as assisting visiting artists with fabrication, site preparation, and installation of all types and sizes of 3-D work; intern artists are encouraged to create their own work. Typically, half of an intern’s time is spent on his or her own work and half is spent on park duties. Intern artists are also involved in special FSP community and school outreach programs, including “Kids Make Sculpture”, weekly tours, and other educational programs introducing contemporary art and ideas to our community.

FSP’s Intern Artist program is an environment where career-bound artists meet and interact with professional artists and intern peers with a wide variety of ideologies. Typically, the artists are from diverse backgrounds and regions of the U.S. and abroad. In this creatively charged and focused environment, FSP helps each intern to realize her or his own individual vision. Intern artists are given critiques by a resident Intern Mentor and by artists in residence. Slide shows and critiques happen weekly. The park supplies technical assistance and physical space. FSP encourages artists to work on a physical and intellectual scale that previously may have been unattainable. Encouraged to innovate and fueled by the support and encouragement of the other residents, interns find that FSP gives them confidence, allowing them to push their own limits.

The intern artist program, in cooperation and partnership with a number of educational institutions, is being developed as a national honors program for sculpture students. In 1999, John Hock, FSP’s Artistic Director, received an award for Program Excellence from the National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts for the creation of this Artist Internship program.

For more details on intern artists, contact John Hock, Founding Director/Artistic Director at FSP.
Phone & Fax: 651-257-6668

Franconia Sculpture Park does not limit participation due to gender, or aesthetic, stylistic, geographic, political, ethnic, and cultural background.

Intern Artist Abstract
College, University and/or Art School Intern Artist Sponsorship



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