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Ojars Feldbergs

2017 Open Studio Fellow

69 + 1 = 70

7’ 2.6” x 5’ 10.8” x 4’ 3”

Artist Statement
Stone is the material I use for my creative work, and my art is inspired by Nature. Space, time, consciousness - these words describe my creative conception. Using this conception, I research nature and the processes in nature.
Stone just like me has its lifetime. It has body, personality, memories of everything it has experienced during its lifetime. Glacial bolder of the sculpture “69+1+70” represents my life, and the smaller stones that are hanging around the bolder mark each year of my life. With this work I entrust stone my life story up until the 70th year of my life.

Ojars Feldbergs

Born: Riga, Latvia, 1947
Resides: Pedvale, Latvia

• MFA, Art Academy of Latvia, 1975

Selected Exhibitions
• Opened Stones, International Exhibition, Museum KUMU Tallinn, Estonia, 2006
• Implementation of Reminiscences, State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia, 2002
• The 7th Henry Moore Grand Prix Exhibition, Utsujushi-ga haha Open-air Art Museum,

Selected Collections
• National Museum of Latvia
• Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow, Latvia
• Doktor Glass Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Awards
• Grand Prix of the Year of the Artists’ Union of Latvia, 2002
• Sport and the Environment for the action Stone Race, Awards of the International
Olympic Committee, 1993
• Laureate of the Seventh Henry Moore Sculpture Competition, Japan, 1991

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