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April Martin

2017 Open Studio Fellow

We Move Still

34’ x 20’ x 10’ (variable)
Steel, Debris Netting, Wind

Artist Statement
My work stems from experiencing the limits of where I end and the physical world begins. I consider materials and forms that are suspended in constant acts of touching. Materials that emphasize contact, texture, and colour. Water, transformation and porous boundaries are material exchanges I pursue within the studio. I follow a liquid logic, a pervasive decision making which forces me to question the present-ness of experience.

Waves washing ashore a beach, the salt in water that makes it salient, sunlight shining on copper. Through my work I attempt to comprehend and place myself within the vast meaning of aliveness on this planet. Where are the edges of my world, of the world? What is constant? I use processes that engage the movement of the sun, it’s effect on waking up the world, materially manifested in paper bleached and blued and wave movements cast in plaster.

Over the past two years, collaborating with artists and thinkers has become a prominent feature of my practice. Working with people and sharing thoughts shapes my understanding of where my inner thinking begins and ends, and how it functions when leaning, stacked, or mixed with that of others. Friendship and thinking are new materials that are available to us everywhere, and like the weather they are unpredictable, a perfect storm to experiment and learn from.

April Martin

Born: Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Resides: Sheguiandah, Ontario, Canada

• MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2016
• BA- McGill University, 2009

Selected Exhibitions
• Moving Through Walls and Floors (with Ruby Thorkelson), Roots and Culture, Chicago, 2017
• Staring at the Sun With Your Eyes Closed, with Lauren Chipeur and Zoë Wonfor, UAS, Calgary, 2016
• April Martin, Anna Orlikowska and Elizabeth Van Loan, The Suburban Walker’s Point, Milwaukee, 2016

Selected Awards
• Legacy Award, Women’s Studio Workshop, 2017
• Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, International Sculpture Centre, 2016
• John W. Kurtich Foundation Travel Scholarship, SAIC, 2015 1

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