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Justin Randolph Thompson

2012 Open Studio Fellowship Artists

Safety Zone

16' x 30' x 3'
Granulated Rubber

Artist Statement
Safety zone is a slightly raised dance floor based on Roman symbols for crossroads. Drawings it's title from an African Hymn that sppeaks of maintaining spiritual safety, the work is a dance floor that welcomes mingling social dialogue and freedom of expression while providing a metaphoric safety. The piece is composed of 40 individual herm-like figures 18" x 96" x 5" that are arranged side by side to create flat surface. Each o fthe sculptures is created from interlocking rubber mattes with cast granulated rubber heads. The granite like colors of the rubbers echo the material of the Roman forms from antiquity. The work is meant to look as if ancient fragments have been collected and assembled to create it and each piece is distinct to further this notion. Employing the role of African American music and dance traditions in the Americanlandscape the piece also offers a historical tribute to tead upon.

Justin Randolph Thompson

Born1979, Peekskill, NY
Currently Resides: Minnestrista, MN

• University of Tennessee, 2001
• American University, 2004

Selected Exhibitions
• Rag Poppin' (two person Solo with Filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson) Hiram Van Gordon Gallery/TSU New Media Space, Nashville, TN, 2012
• The Pits, University of Tennessee Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, TN, 2011
• DIY, (Do It Yourself) Dash Gallery co-curated by Derrik Adams and Wardell Milan III, NY, NY, 2010

Selected Awards
• CAC Troy Residence, Troy, NY, 2010
• BecasFoundacionBotin Taller de JannisKounellis, Santander, Spain, 2009
• Jerome Fellowship; Franconia Sculpture Park, 2008

Selected Collections:
• Mobile Museum of Art; Mobile, AL
• Salem Art works Sculpture Park; Salem, Ny
• Albornoz Palace Hotel; Spoleto

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