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Jordan Jirschele

2017 Intern Artist

The Same, But Different (but different)

Dimensions variable with installation
Wood, concrete, chord,

Artist Statement
Mental health plays a complex role in our everyday lives. The general stigma associated with medication in our culture is a sad simplification of a matter that is monstrously intricate. Achieving a healthy balance is a delicate dance, one that requires patience and endurance. The Same, But Different (but different) deals with a loved one’s struggle for mental health. At one time in my life, this person was lively and had a full personality, but struggled for vocational stability. Now, they’ve been at the same job for close to ten years, but are a shell of their former self. With the give and take, and impossibility of exact empathy, I can only standby anxiously. If I twiddled my thumbs, there would be nothing left of them. These trade-offs leave me feeling awkwardly helpless as I consider the two different people this loved one has been throughout my life. I hope that a general humbleness can be felt when considering the fact that we will never fully know another’s mental state. Through this honest acknowledgement, we can move closer to honest sincerity with one another.

Jordan Jirschele

Born: Milwaukee, WI, 1992
Resides: Menomonie, WI

• BFA, 2016, University of Wisconsin Stout

Selected Exhibitions
• Thursday Service, Casket Gallery, Minneapolis, 2017
• Hive Cathexis, UW Stout, March 2016
• California Open, TAG Gallery, August 2015

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