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Heidi Zenisek

2017 Intern Artist

Natalie Porthole

11’ x 20’ x 12’
Recycled tent frames & holographic sticker

Artist Statement
What differentiates one place from the next space? How are they confined physically and how is the separation of here to there perceived? Natalie Porthole highlights the transformation we go through when we enter into and through. What happens to her and him and you and us once past the threshold?
She is a spangled mirage seen from afar. Her appeal is an instinctual attraction- is that the glisten of water in the distance? A fraudulent phantasm. She’ll draw you in and spit you out, for she is a portal port-hole siren to another dimension.

Heidi Zenisek

Born: Solon, IA, 1993
Resides: Iowa City, IA

• BFA, 2015, University of Iowa

Selected Exhibitions
• Kvit 1 år, KVIT Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016
• Unofishal Seamen, The Old Net Factory, Seyôisfjörôur, Iceland, 2016
• Drasl og Tannpina, Mengi, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2016

Selected Collections
• Gamla Bókabúôin, Seyôisfjörôur, Iceland
• Esualc Galleri, Seyôisfjörôur, Iceland

Selected Awards
• Finalist for the Alice C. Cole ’42 Fellowship at Wellesley College, 2017
• Iowa Center for the Arts Award, 2015
• Laurence Fairall Award for Excellence in Fiction Writing, 2014

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