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Nicole O'Malley

2016 Intern Artist

Sally by the Sea(saw)

12’ x 26’ x 6’6”
Steel, wood, car shocks, velvet

Artist Statement
My work looks into futility and repetitive behaviors that mock routine and feelings of obsession. I am interested in evoking a sense of artistic masochism, utilizing feelings of pain or discomfort to form a type of forced cooperation. The see-saw functions on the same motion every single time, with every participant, a seemingly stale concept of play yet nostalgically remembered and experienced with genuine entertainment. The see-saw also carries a stigma of danger, and have in recent years begun to vanish from playgrounds. Wanting to heighten this sensation of danger, I have placed one seat in an isolated, claustrophobic space, giving the viewer only a sliver of information in front of them, to give a slight, yet interrupted, sense of what is happening on the other side. The see-saw inevitably plays on power dynamics, trust, and communication between two parties.

Nicole O'Malley

Born: Highland, Indiana, 1993
Resides: Bloomington, Indiana

• BFA Sculpture and BA Psychology, Indiana University, 2016

Selected Exhibitions
• Spa Show, Yeah Maybe, Minneapolis, MN, 2016
• Modification at Grunwald Gallery, Bloomington, IN, 2016
• Specific at Herron, Indianapolis, IN, 2016

Selected Awards
• The Genia and Max Tanner Scholarship, 2015
• Culbertson Award, 2014

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