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Matthew Falvey

2016 Intern Artist

Caution Pike: NO SWIMMING

9’ x 18’ x 30’
Wood, found objects, water

Artist Statement
My work focuses on the creation of interactive space that evokes feeling of nostalgia and transition found in our immediate environment. These installations evolve from regional influence using ideologies of vacation and journey. The spaces become immersive environments created from my interpretation of the collected artifacts. The quality of the artifacts used in theses installations persuade the viewer to question the space and relationship to the identity presented.

The constant changes within the surrounding landscapes make me question its history and authenticity. This drives me to explore the community, to discover its quirks and subtle obscure qualities. The materials used in this sculpture were discovered through my interactions within the local community. The stories and myths about the objects will begin to blend with interactions and dialogs of its occupants. This motivates me to create a space that consists of the appropriation of collected artifacts that were destined to be trashed. The viewer is invited to interact with the sculpture and encouraged to take photos to keep the legacy of this destination alive.

By giving the community the ability to interact it creates a greater level of intimacy and the ability to become a part of the experience.

Please feel free to tag and post photos to CautionPike_NOSWIMMING on instagram, which will document the evolution of this sculpture.

Matthew Falvey

Born: Boca Raton, FL, 1985
Resides: Bloomington, IN

• MFA Candidate, 2017, Indiana University
• BFA, Sculpture, 2011, Florida Atlantic University

Selected Exhibitions
• Landfall, Fuller Projects, Bloomington, Indiana, 2016
• (Alter)d, 103 N. Adams St., Bloomington, IN, 2015
• Outside the Box, Whitespace Collection, 2013

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