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Dylan Redford

2014 Intern Artist

Ur Being Passive Aggressive

7’ x 4.5’ x 16’
Steel, acrylic, wood, urethane plastic, concrete

Artist Statement

Dylan Redford is a filmmaker/sculptor based out of Middlebury VT, USA. Dylan Redford makes films about himself, with himself, by himself. Dylan Redford makes films about confusing situations: “Why do I keep looking at my ex-girlfriends Facebook page? Should I post this angry status about Ferguson or will people judge me for it?” and some bigger questions: what’s the difference between my memories and fantasies? Or what is the difference between a documentary and a fictional film? Or what is the difference between my Tinder profile and me in “real” life. With all of this digital information floating around, Dylan gets very confused.

Confronted with overwhelming FOMO (fear of missing out) that exists on the Interwebs (the parties I didn’t go to, the girl I used to date, the trip I didn’t take), Dylan creates scenarios that hypothesize what could happen, what she could be like, what I wish I had done. But these aren’t just hypothesis, all of this is real for Dylan, like totally real. So real that he can’t tell where his actual lived experience ends and his scenarios begin.

Dylan is living two lives that don’t always match up: One that’s in his head and one that actually, physically in front of him. His Facebook Profile falls somewhere in-between.

FYI, for Dylan Redford, there is no such thing as TMI (Too Much Information) so get used to it. He’s just being honest with you.

Dylan Redford

Born Denver, Colorado, 1991
Resides Minneapolis, MN

• BA, 2015, Middlebury College

Selected Exhibitions      
• 2017 Artist on The Verge 8, Katherine E, Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, MN  
• 2017 Andy Warhol: Minnesota Goes POP Opening, Rochester Art Center, MN
• 2016 First Person, India University Bloomington      
• 2015 World Premier of Dylan Redford (OFFICIAL) at The Oldenburg International Film Festival

Selected Awards
• 2017 Borscht Corp. Grantee
• 2017 Visual Art Fund Grant for Yeah Maybe Project Space (Midway Contemporary/ Andy Warhol Foundation)
• 2016 Artist On The Verge Fellowship

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