Free and open

Jordan Rosenow

2017 FSP/Jerome Fellow

We Move Still

34’ x 20’ x 10’ (variable)
Steel, Debris Netting, Wind

Artist Statement

In my performance and sculptural work, I am looking to deeper explore the ways in which bodies and objects share an expression that is informed by the language surrounding posture, strait/bent etc. I evoke the body’s relationship to architecture’s forms, limitations and vulnerabilities.

Raw building materials typically used to solidify permanent structures such as steel, 2x4s, and bricks are the foundation for both domestic and industrial spaces that house/shape the body and its experiences. These materials are created and used in mass quantities where uniformity is expected and they remain hidden in the interior of walls. By revealing raw materials and amplifying subtle deviations in form, I am investigating structural expressions of queerness and sculpturally referencing a movement of the body and its many variations.

In my performance work individuals perform seemingly meaningless acts of labor, while maintaining a physical connection between each other's bodies. The relationship repeatedly switches roles from leading to dependence. Performers stack and move bricks or 2x4s. What would otherwise be considered a useless expense of energy, functions as a performance of intimacy between the activated bodies.

Jordan Rosenow


Born: Svea, MN, 1993
Resides: Minneapolis, MN

• BFA, University of Minnesota, 2015

Selected Exhibitions
• Amazing Spaces 2017, MN Landscape Arboretum, 2017
• Stacked and Bent, The Soap Factory, 2016

Selected Awards
• Wayne Potratz Scholarship, 2015