Free and open

Thomas Putzier

2016 FSP/Jerome Fellow

Our Crazy Baby, Sugar Shack

26’ x 18’x 18’
Wood, steel, acrylic, hand-painted peony and rose wallpaper

Artist Statement
I am interested in the safety of reality, the anxiety of impermanence, and the subliminal threshold of the unknown. There is a superior order in which we can only see parts of as they plummet from the skies out of our minds becoming whole as they address the ground. I am a conceptual interdisciplinary artist. My work is both cathartic and hopeful. My purpose on this planet is to dismantle societal generators that have plagued humans since the foundation of fascism. The end of humanity may come sooner. Another confused house, another failed attempt at a gateway off of this spinning rock and back to where my other body is plugged in.

Earth is burning baby the fire is hot but just keep working for that weekend, spring break 2018! When profit is valued more than our planet the plot lines seem to be filled with never ending disaster. I am looking at our shared reality and creating characters which are representative of key figures in our mutual undoing. These characters become drawing, fashion, video, performance, or architectural characters such as Our Crazy Baby, Sugar Shack.

The Sugar Shack is an architectural space providing the opportunity for the audience to ascend into a cabin of meditation. A skylight at the top interrupts daily routine and provides a guide to enlightenment. The structure can be viewed as two separate components whose forms< appear to be pulling away from each other. This gesture creates a historical narrative. At one point in time these forms were closer together. Structurally the tension between the two forms is what supports them. When looking at architecture and considering foundations we might think of the five classical orders. The upper cabin is supported by five columns, and one that stepped out of line.

Thomas Putzier


Born: Minneapolis, MN, 1990
Resides: North Oaks, MN

• BFA, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2013

Selected Exhibitions
• 3 Fabrics of Urban Morphology and Motherhood, Solo Exhibition,
Minneapolis, 2014
• FORGOTTEN, Come Home, Solo Exhibition, Chicago, 2012
• Introspective Realities, group exhibition, Chicago, 2012