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Asia Ward

2015 FSP/Jerome Fellowship Artist

Solar Tree

28’ x 14’ x 14’
Fabricated steel, solar panels, led lights, paint

Artist Statement

Solar tree is a stylized version of an oak tree that absorbs energy from the sun using photovoltaic in order to light up at night. Solar tree was built in the same diorama like fashion as my landscape sculptures, which use a series of separated planes in order to give an illusion of depth. Empty space between the planes are essential in the rounding out of the layers, allowing the visitor to fill in the gaps, completing the piece. A visitor can walk through Solar Tree, between the layers, and look up into the layers above. The colors and shapes were inspired by water lilies.

Asia Ward

Born: Hampshire, IL, 1978
Resides: Minneapolis, MN

• MFA Candidate, Interdisciplinary Art, University of Minnesota, Present
• BFA, Sculpture, Colorado State University, 2000

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