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The workshops are spread throughout various dates before the Iron Pour on Saturday August 5th. You only need to attend one workshop to complete your mold.

• Saturday July 21 or Sunday July 22, 1pm to 4pm
• Saturday July 28 or Sunday July 29, 1pm to 4pm
• Wednesday August 1 or Thursday August 2, 4pm to 7pm
• Saturday August 5, 10am to 3pm -This is the day of the pour, please arrive by 2pm so you have time to complete your mold by 3pm.



Under the covered work area on the west side of the Park. Please park in the gravel parking lot at the entrance, or in the overflow parking behind the work area. Use the gravel paths to reach the workshop area.



There is no charge to attend the workshop.
Mold-prices are $30/small, $45/medium, and $75/large.
(an additional processing fee will apply).



Please check back for 2018 registration!



Community Workshop

These workshops are an opportunity for you to make your own mold and create a unique cast iron sculpture poured during our annual Community Collaboration Hot Metal Pour on Saturday August 5th!

You will start with a resin-bonded block of sand that has a recessed area deep with a 6, 8, or 10 diameter, depending on the size mold you purchased.

Using drawing and carving tools provided, carve into the block of sand to create a negative space or cavity, which will be the area where molten iron will be poured.

Keep in mind that there must be at least 1” of sand remaining around all sides and beneath the negative space you carve. Carving too deep into your block of sand could cause your mold to break or iron to leak out during the pour.

During the August 5th Iron Pour, your mold will be put on the pour line where experienced artists will fill the negative space with red-hot molten iron.

Once cooled, Franconia staff will break the sand away, revealing a cast iron positive replica of the negative space you carved into your block of sand. Staff will grind and brush away any sharp edges and sand debris.
You can pick up your cast iron sculpture and take it home with you!

Please keep in mind that the process of pouring each mold and
cleaning up each sculpture takes time. If you are unable to wait for
your sculpture to be finished, it will be available for you to pick up at Franconia’s office.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so at least 5 days before your scheduled workshop to receive a refund. In the event of inclement weather, Franconia staff will contact you via email and/ or phone to notify you of the reschedule date. If you cannot attend another workshop date, you will be refunded your fee in full.

Community Collaboration
Community Workshop
Community Workshop
Community Workshop