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Art A Whirl

Join us for the 2017 Art-A-Whirl weekend at Franconia in the City @Casket on May 19, 20, and 21!

This year will feature a live iron pour, food from Taco Taxi, an exhibition called “Gas Station” by Alexandros Lindsay, spin art, a confetti cannon, and much more!


Full Schedule:

Friday, May 19 from 4-10pm
• Opening reception for Gas Station exhibition by Alexandros Lindsay
• (6-7pm) Alyssa Baguss and Andrew McGuffie Confetti Cannon Performance and     Battle of the Bands: Death Metal Marching Band VS. A Symphonic Winds Walking     Band
• Graffiti painting with DAESK, BIAFRA and WUNDR
• (8-10pm) Philippe and Companions Present:
    • Juan Kuffner, the Accordion Guru
    • Rob Ryan
    • Philippe le Troubadour 
Saturday, May 20 from 12-8pm
• Gas Station exhibition by Alexandros Lindsay
• Scratch Block Workshop – cast your own sculpture: (12-4pm)
• Iron Head Sculptural Services Live Iron Pour: (4-8pm)
• Face painting
• Spin art
• Graffiti painting with DAESK, BIAFRA and WUNDR
• (12-4pm) Philippe and Companions Present:
     • The Tire Fire
     • Jen Strick
     • Denny and Beth
     • Amanda Costner (LGBT Redneck)
     • Philippe Le Troubadour
     • Laconia Koerner
     • Gary Johnson
     • Shoshone George
     • RLHPS

Sunday, May 21 from 12-5pm
• Gas Station Exhibition by Alexandros Lindsay
• Spin art
• Face painting

Food by Taco Taxi all three days!

This event is free and open to the public! Grab your friends, family and join us for a weekend of art and fun!


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Ironhead Sculptural in collaboration with Franconia in the City @Casket brings to you an iron casting experience at Art-A-Whirl 2017. A limited number of scratch molds are available for you to create your own sculpture. Please register here to secure your purchase. The Scratch Block Workshop will be held Saturday, May 20th from 12pm-4pm at Franconia in the City @Casket in Northeast Minneapolis.

Address: 1781 Jefferson Street NE, Mpls, MN 55413

Thank you for your participation in this sizzling experience!

What Happens at an Iron Pour?

The iron cupola (furnace) is fired up to 2,700°F using coke, a derivative of coal, to fuel the furnace. Iron is then slowly loaded into the top of the cupola to create a reservoir of molten iron that is ready to pour.

The pour team carefully fills each mold with a preheated ladle. The team also pours liquid iron into all of the scratch block sculpture molds made by community members. It is an exciting and hot event! If you would like to create a Scratch Block Sand Mold that will be cast on during the Valentines Day Pour, please visit our registration page.

When the molds are full, the cooling process begins. Scratch blocks are placed into a quenching buckets to help with the cooling process. Once cool, Franconia staff will break the sand away, revealing a cast iron positive replica of the negative space you carved into your block of sand. Franconia staff will the chase your sculpture, a process that involves grinding and brushing away any sharp edges and sand debris.

At this point your sculpture is complete. You can pick up your cast iron sculpture and take it home with you. Please keep in mind that the process of pouring each mold, allowing for the iron to cool, and cleaning each sculpture is a time consuming process. It is a possibility that your sculpture will not be ready until late in the day. If you are unable to wait for your sculpture to be finished, it will be available for you to pick up on Sunday May 21st between 12-5pm at the Franconia in the City @Casket gallery space.

How do I participate?
You can try your hand at mold making by scratching a design into resin hardened sand. Watch the video to get a better understanding of all the steps involved in creating a resin hardened sand mold.

Then head to our registration page to purchase your sand mold, select a workshop date, and let Franconia know how many people will be attending the workshop.

At the workshop, Franconia staff will be around to show you the basic scratching techniques and to answer questions throughout the process. You must be present one hour before workshop ends to account for time to complete your sand mold. Contact the Franconia office if you have any questions. or 651-257-6668.
hot metal pour
Valentine's Pour
Valentine Pour

ART-A-WHIRL® is an open studio tour in Northeast Minneapolis showcasing the work of NEMAA members. ART-A-WHIRL® is a federally-registered trademark of NEMAA.